The hardest working man in the business. Not only does he make the craziest graphics, he make music and is a published author. His debut album released in January 2019, it is called "Wild Child".  Michael has also graduated from Kent State University and is set to graduate in June with his Masters in Entertainment Business. He also released his first self published book last May, called "Stories of a Hypocrite". 

Whether it is marketing, branding, music, or DJ services, Michael Stover is the guy to do business with.

Did I mention he has started is own clothing line too! Stay tuned to all of his accomplishment to come, but in the mean team lets do business!

        My goal as a CEO is to own and operate a media and entertainment empire. A company that offers many different services and products to showcase to the world, we will be unstoppable. Through my graphic design services, DJ services, and music I am living my dream. To be a great CEO one must know how to lead as well as how to listen. In the entertainment business, those qualities achieve the dream of success. I know that I possess these qualities, and I’m ready to display them while running my multiple companies under one roof. The shock factor quality of a CEO is managing multiple businesses with positive growth. To manage, lead, and listen these are the tools to create a startup CEO. Therefore to sum that up, that CEO is me.

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